The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) would like to remind the general public that electrical installations, maintenance or wiring of buildings can only be done by persons who are in possession of an Electrical Installations Permit issued by MERA. This is to ensure that all electrical installations and maintenance comply with safety and technical standards in order to safeguard people’s lives and property from electrical fire accidents.


The general public is hereby advised to ensure that any person working on electrical wiring installations should be in possession of a valid permit issued by MERA.


Furthermore, MERA wishes to urge individuals, firms and companies who are interested to work as electrical installers to apply for an Electrical Installations Permit to MERA.  The Electricity by-laws of 2012 provides for the procedures that have to be complied with for one to obtain an Electrical Installations Permit.  Once an Electrical Installations Permit has been issued, the holder of such a Permit has also to be registered with the National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) before commencing the electrical installation works


Any individual, company or firm that carries out electrical installation works without a valid permit issued by MERA and without being registered by NCIC shall be guilty of an offence whose punishment is a fine of K2, 000 and imprisonment for a term of six months.


 The general public is, therefore, advised to report to MERA or the nearest Police Station any individual, firm or company that carries out electrical installation works without a permit issued by MERA. Electrical Installers who do not have a permit issued by MERA are not be competent to provide services to the required standards. To this effect, the general public is encouraged to desist from engaging people that are not certified by MERA to carry out electrical installations.


The list of electrical installers who have valid permits from MERA mandating them to carry out electrical installation and maintenance works can be accessed here



For more information please contact the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority at the following addresses and phone numbers:


Head Office

2nd Floor Development House, Private Bag B-496,


Tel: 01 774 103/ 01 775 810/812


Regional Office North

Mpico House, Mzuzu

Tel: 01 312 878


Regional Office South

7th Floor Delamere House, Blantyre

01 832 496/893

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Website: www.meramalawi.mw